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Communism is still alive!

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Did you think the times of the hammer and sickle wee past? That communists has to become socialists or other halfbaked, pink, moralistic partis to gain power? That Cuba is the last dying outpost of a political philosophy that is good in theory, but brutal and bloody in practice?

Well, you are wrong!

Familievennleg kommunisme

These posters and other beautiful posters for the communist party decorated the streets of many a city in Moldova. Here from an evening in Soroca. Photo: Guttorm Flatabø.

The communist red color, the sickle, hammer, democracy, European union, beautiful girls, pop music and big growling, corrupt Russian speaking party bosses are all combinable, and have been in power the last eight years in what was Europe’s poorest country, Moldova (now beaten only by Kosovo).

From being av corrupt chaos democracy with a dominating russian mafia accused of kidnapping young girls for prostitution, Moldova has become a communist democracy with an economy well prepared for the world economic crisis. Moldova has been less exposed to the international financial system and haven’t loaned their country away.

On the 5th of April, parliamentary elections were held in Moldova, and the communists received even stronger support than at the last election in 2005, with four more members for parliament. They thus keep their majority, but the vote for president can be blocked by the opposition so that a re-election could be the end result. I visited the headquarters of the communist party in Chisinau in the middle of March to see if I could get some souvenirs from modern communism campaigning. I was received by a smiling and batiful Vera who found me a good bunch of posters, cds and stickers (photo coming)

Vera, a real communist

Vera Balahnova ved sida av ein byste av Lenin utanfor det moldovske kommunistpartiet sitt hovudkvarter i Chisinau, hovudstaden. Vera tok vel imot meg og gav meg flotte suvenirar frå valkampen.

I only need one piece of each for myself, which means that there are really nice posters, cds and stickers for the ten first who send me an e-mail with the name of the President of Moldova the last eight years. Remember to include your own name and address and send the e-mail to  post@guttormflatabo.com

2 Comments on “Communism is still alive!”

  1. 1 Odin Hørthe Omdal said at 00:37 on March 17th, 2010:

    Vakker jente.

  2. 2 Maya said at 07:49 on November 16th, 2010:

    Impressive. I know it’s sort of a taboo topic, but I enjoy aspects of communism.

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