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Installing Ubuntu 12.10 on a Macbook Air

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After reading pages up and down about rEFIt, and efi-grub, and how you have to resort to the command line to install debian on a Macbook, I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 almost exactly as if I was installing on a Windows laptop. I opted to keep the Mac OS partition to be able to install firmware upgrades and have a backup, but you can also choose to wipe all:

  1. Shrink the Mac OS partition with the Mac OS X disk tool found in Application > Tools > Disk tools (or something to that effect): It doesn’t look like live shrinking is possible, but you have to choose the physical disk, click on “partitions”, and then add a partition. I “added” free space. In my case I was not successfull shrinking unless I gave the Mac OS partition at least as much free space as it had in use (it used about 29 GB, and I could not shrink it to less than 60.
  2. Insert your USB stick with the Ubuntu install on (follow guides on how to make a USB install medium).
  3. Reboot holding down the “alt” key on the keyboard and choose your USB partition to boot from.
  4. Choose to install, follow the install guide, reboot and enjoy your new Ubuntu install!

After installation it did not finish shutdown properly, it had no problem booting again after that though.

Default OS will be Ubuntu, but you can choose Mac OS by holding in “alt” at startup.

Most hardware (including wireless) seems to work fine, but there are probably tweaks to apply, such as SSD optimizations and buttons ([alt]+[F4] to close windows don’t seem to work).

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