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Understanding the Fjord1 time tables

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Having worked in the middle of tourism in Sogn og Fjordane county (I managed a regional destination company for about a year) and receiving many couchsurfers coming by public transport, I often get to share the frustrating task of deciphering the time tables of Fjord1. I have thus found it useful to make an explanation of the codes used.

So if you ever are so fortunate to visit our beautiful fjords, glaciers and mountains, and would like to do so without your own means of transportation, you might find this explanation useful.

S: School days, which means: Monday to Friday from roughly the middle of August till the middle of June, except public holidays and school holidays. School holidays are hard to find out about and could vary from municipality to municipality. To find out about them, you could search for “skulerute” and the name of the municipality.

D: Daily
* / ** / *** / A / e: Look for explanations, will usually make limitations in time. Remember to combine all limitations.

1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday, 7 = Sunday

H = Sunday and public holidays

X = Except

DX3 thus means every day except Wednesdays. Public holidays have their own time tables and are thus always excempt. Usually timetables for public holidays will be the same as for Sundays.

Oh, and there is an online service for the timetables. Try ruteinfo.net or rutebok.no.

At the tourist information in Balestrand

If you understand the time tables you might not need help from guys like these.

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